9 Suit Extended Deck

Invent games, add new depths to old favourites, or simply mix it up by using different suits and colours with this flexible extended playing card deck.

With 5 new suits and 4 new face cards, the possibilities are endless!

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New suits and colour

The deck contains 9 suits, in 3 colours, with 17 cards per suit. In addition to the 4 traditional playing card suits (hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs), it contains cards in 5 new suits, with one extra black and red suits, and three all new blue suits:

  • Cups (black)
  • Shields (red)
  • Crowns (blue)
  • Bottles (blue)
  • Anchors (blue)

All the suits, plus joker:

The black suits:

The blue suits:

The red suits:

The number cards:

New face cards

In addition to the traditional cards (2-10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace, and one joker in each colour), each suit in the deck also has 4 new face cards:

  • Bishop
  • Cardinal
  • Pope
  • God

A religious theme was chosen for the additional face cards because it was a logical extension of the medieval theme of the traditional face cards. The only power comparable to the royalty was the church.

The new face cards:

New possibilities

In order to make the deck more flexible, each face card is marked only with a letter corresponding to its name (i.e. "J", "Q", "K", "B", "C", "P", "G"), so games are free to interpret these cards as they wish.

Design by Gilded Whiskers.